“Hot/Cold or Lukewarm” Life Talk

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Bible Talks

OPENING QUESTION: How is your relationship with God?

Revelation 3:14-22

Q: What is convicting to you about this passage?

Q: What does Jesus look for in us? Deeds

Q: Why are deeds important? Reflect our heart!

Q: What was their issue? Lukewarm

Q: What did Jesus want them to be? Hot or Cold

Q: Initially when you read this passage, what does it mean to be hot? Cold?

Q: What do you base that off of?

–         Laodicia sat between two cities (Colosse and Hiropiolias)

–         “Hot”= “boiling hot”- referring to the hot springs of Hieropolis- brought healing to arthritis.

–         “Cold”- cold springs. Cold water is refreshing and brought refreshment to the weary (Isaiah 55). Cold is a good thing to be, Jesus wouldn’t want anyone lost!

–         “Lukewarm”- Q: What does this probably mean than? – EXPLAIN: Aqueduct system- two waters would mix and make people sick. The cold water would come from Colosse and was refreshing to the people. The Hot water was in Heiropolis and that brought warmth to the bones (from the hot water springs). Jesus was saying the church wasn’t bringing the refreshing cold water of the gospel or the healing warm water of the gospel to a lost world. This is why Jesus wishes the church was cold or hot.

–         Does your sin make you sick! Do you have the attitude of Jesus about mediocracy in the church?

–         2 Options: Hot/Cold or Lukewarm.

Q: Where they in touch with their state of spirituality? No

Q: What did they think of themselves? V.17a – Struggled with materialism. (Rich city!)

Q: What did Jesus think? V. 17b

Q: What is scary about this?

Q: Can we know if where lukewarm? No

Q: Can a church know? No

–         We need others in our lives because our sin blinds us!

–         We need discipling!

Q: How does Jesus treat those he loves? Rebukes and disciplines them.

–         Jesus has left the building and is not in our hearts if we are lukewarm!

–         He is knocking at the door for you to let him in before its too late!

Q: What prescription does Jesus give for sickness?

–         Repent

–         Allow Jesus into your life. (People into your life who are following Jesus)

Q: Why does Jesus say we must be earnest?

–         Life or death situation!

–         There is a Heaven and Hell! Where will you spend eternity if you were to die tonight?


–         Are you hot/cold or are you lukewarm? Maybe you have no relationship with Christ at all, so you are dead spiritually and need to be made alive in Christ!

–         Be eager and repent!

–         Get someone in your life who will love you like Jesus! You don’t know were you are at spiritually. No one can answer the first question we asked. 

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