BUY NOW: Taking OCD Captive Book!

Posted: April 3, 2019 in Books, OCD

Take OCD Captive is now available on Amazon in paperback or kindle! Live at peace and experience life to the full free from intrusive thoughts, false memory, ruminating over thoughts, etc. This book equips OCD sufferers with proven biblical principles to help overcome the symptoms of OCD and intrusive thinking! Get your ebook now by CLICKING HERE

  1. Dania J says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for writing this powerful book!! I just purchased it! How would I get it?

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Dania! If you purchased it, there should be an email that is sent to you with instructions on how to download it. Email me at if for some reason it is not working and I’ll send you a copy.

  2. Deana Rollins says:

    As most of you know (if you read my FB often), I have severe OCD. As a child, teen, and young adult I often dealt with extreme doubt when it came to my salvation. I talked to more pastors than I can count and prayed constantly (in a repetitive obsessive way. This ebook has been the most “spot on “ book I’ve ever read. It is written by a pastor who dealt with OCD. It doesn’t tell you to have more faith or pray it away. It uses scripture (and from what I read, it all seems consistent with the Word of God) to help fight the spiritual part but also advocates for counseling and meds as OCD is a brain illness, just as a broken bone would require medical attention. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer! Believe me, I have prayed for God to take my OCD away, however He has a different plan and after 30 something years I am beginning to see how He is using it for good just as He can use anything in our lives. God is good and is ALWAYS in control even when my OCD tells me otherwise.💛

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