Christian UFO/Paranormal Research Project



In 1991 a Roper Poll suggested that over 3 million Americans might have experienced the “alien abduction” phenomenon. Are there Biblical answers to what this experience actually is?

To many this topic seems so far out of this world or even ridiculous. The facts are many face and are tormented by things they can’t explain. God calls us to have a heart to bring his love to all people. Regardless of one’s view on the subject, it is certainly a real experience to many. I am currently doing research into the world of UFOs, demons, alien abductions, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomenon. A shockingly high number of people experience the phenomenon and sometimes have very traumatic experiences because of it. It is my hope to start an online ministry one day who can reach out to those trapped by the occult and offer biblical study, counsel, and hope for deliverance. This group will help guide people to see the scriptural issues behind such experiences and the power of Jesus Christ. It is my hope to publish a book on the subject and also expose the lies of “deliverance ministries” and false theology that bounds people more under the devil.

If you have had any experience with the paranormal, please visit Currently we are only doing our research in the New York area but hope to expand a global ministry that will impact many who face such challenges. Please only inquire if you are serious about this.