cropped-mikemanna3.jpgWelcome to the personal blog of  Mike Patterson. Mike serves as an evangelist for the Sold-Out Movement (International Christian Churches) in the Manhattan region of New York City. He received a bachelors of science degree in Biblical Studies from Oklahoma Christian University (Cascade College) and a bachelor of arts in ministry from the International College of Christian Ministry (ICCM) and his masters in ministry from ICCM. He is dedicated to seeing the world evangelized in his generation. Mike and his wife Chenelle currently serve the New York City International Christian Church as the Lead Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader of the Manhattan Region. Mike specializes in campus ministry having served at over 25 colleges. Mike and Chenelle had the opportunity to plant the Gainesville International Christian Church, serve as the lead ministry couple for the Boston International Christian Church, and currently serve in New York. Mike writes in his spare time and runs an upstart ministry helping people overcome OCD and paranormal experiences.

  1. damon james says:

    nice page Mike

  2. Jared McGee says:

    C’mon Mike keep preaching!

  3. Kevin Lee says:

    I struggle with OCD as well. One thing we need to remember is that nothing “we” do has the power to save us. Not good works or baptism in water or anything else. Only trusting in God (The Father) through His promised and completed sacrifice of God (The Son) brings salvation. All the good deeds and other things come from that faith.

  4. Cody says:

    Hello Mr. Patterson. Can you tell me what edition you have of the book of Enoch.

  5. Will the Real “Dr” Please Stand-Up says:

    Please explain why you continue to push the false narrative that you received a doctorate degree from the “prestigious” ICCM (back cover of Project Tyrannus). The ICCM is an unaccredited college that issues meritless degrees (including bachelor and master) to International Christian Church favored elite. The recent lawsuit filed against the church and Kip McKean sums it up best, “The ICC runs an unaccredited college called the International College of Christian Ministries, or ICCM, where they are handing out doctorates to anyone they choose…This is why most leaders in the ICC put the abbreviation of “Dr” in front of their names because they have been giving each other unaccredited doctorate status.” Stating you have a doctorate degree and listing yourself as an ICCM “president” (LinkedIn) knowing the school is unaccredited and a sham is false marketing and fraudulent.

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi, thank you for writing. I have not updated this blog in a long time. I’m glad you were able to check out Project Tyrannus. Accreditation comes at many levels. For example, I got my bachelors from Oklahoma Christian University which is regionally accredited by accreditations recognized by the Department of Education. I took Greek at New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary which was required by ICCM. These type schools have regional accreditations because they teach math, science, business, etc. and have a physical campus. We do not want these things in ICCM and so choose to simply get the tax-exempt by post-secondary education to legally give out degrees according to our churches standards. No one has ever claimed these degrees can get you a secular job somewhere, but our fellowship. Our fellowship recognizes Doctors of Ministry, as those who meet the requirements given. Interestingly, preachers in the early church (see Ante-Nicene Church Fathers) were called Doctors. Hope this helps, all this is published in other places. Of note, many religious denominations have their own colleges choosing lower levels of accreditation to honor their teachers based on their belief set. Much blessings!

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