“Sinful Obsession” Life Talk

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Bible Talks

Text: 2 Samuel 13:1-22


Q: What is something you thought you really wanted and did anything to get, but later found out you hated it or didn’t like it?


David had fallen into sin with Bathsheba and now the sinful repercussions of this where about to play out (EXPLAIN)


READ: 2 Samuel 13:1-5

Q: What is happening here?

Amnon longed for Tamar so much that he became lovesick. It was even more difficult for him because she was a virgin – meaning that she was available for marriage, but not to Amnon because marriage between half-brother and sister was forbidden.

Q: Do you think Amnon’s obsession happened over night?

Q: What do we learn about what can happen to the things that we desire?

He desired to be with his sister Tamar so bad that he even looked “haggard” (worn out, miserable, depressed).

Q: Do you think Amnon from these verses truly loved Tamar?

Q: What kind of friend is Jonadab?

–         A shrewd man. (wise, cunning)

We are influenced by the friendships that we have! Whether good or bad.

Q: Who are your closest friends? What kind of influence do they have on you?

–         Your best friends should be disciples who help you draw closer to God!

Q: Why do you think Jonadab told Amnon to talk to his dad (David)?

– The sin with Bathsheba, they played into David’s sentimentality!

SO THE PLAN WAS SET, lets read on:

READ: v.6-19

Amnon’s “true love” was revealed, he raped her despite her pleas!

Isn’t it funny how the people and things we love become the very things we hate and despise!

Q: What do you love so much that you would be willing to do anything to get it?

Q: Is what you love in the will of God?

Amnon did not obey the God’s law and raped his own sister causing her to become a disgrace.

Amnon’s evil is immediately revealed (v. 9b). Tamar could easily see how evil and disgraceful of an act this was.

Q: Why couldn’t Amnon see how evil this act was? – He was blinded by lust!

Q: How is your purity? – Lust is very serious and can blind you and lead you to do things that you wouldn’t believe you could do.

Q: What steps could Amnon have took so this act did not happen? What contributed to the events playing out?

Q: (v.15) Did Amnon really love Tamar? – No

Amnon only built upon the example of his father David, by letting lust control his actions.

Q: Why do you think he sent her out of his sight right away?

-Amnon had no real love for Tamar, only lust and so he immediately felt guilty over his sin. Tamar was simply a reminder of his foolish sin. He wanted every reminder of his sin to be put far away.

Q: Is this the correct way to deal with sin?

Amnon treats Tamar not as a sister, Israelite, but as “this woman.”

READ: v.20-22

Q: How do you think Absalom knew Amnon raped her?

–         Lust blinds us and we think others don’t see it

–         Absalom would 2 years later kill Amnon to avenge his sister! SIN leads to more SIN if not dealt with (lust> hatred> more hatred> sentimentality of David>etc.).

Q: How do you think this sin affected the family?

Q: Does sin affect our spiritual family (church)? How can we deal with it?

Q: David was furious about the sin, but why do you think he did not do anything about it?

-It may be that David was conscious of his own guilt in a similar matter and therefore felt the lack of moral authority to discipline his own son.

Q: David probably didn’t challenge or discipline the situation b/c he felt hypocritical, is this right?

–         If this was the case, it was a grave miscalculation on David’s part. He could have said to Amnon, “I know the evil that results we don’t restrain our lusts and affections. This is something you must address and conquer in God’s strength.” “Why did he not reprove him at least very sharply for this foul fact?

CHALLENGE: Get open about desires you have in your heart and seek God. Choose wisely the friends that influence you, and challenge sin when you see it to protect the spiritual family.

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