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Once a month in my campus leaders d-group we have a “deeper” bible study to inspire the leaders to dig deep in their bibles and be Bereans. Many have asked me where they can find my personal convictions on the subject of the spiritual war we are in and it is finally up now! Explore the origin of Satan, where demons come from, the nature of angels and fallen angels, how demons attack disciples today, and learn how to put on the full armor of God to battle in the heavenlies against the evil forces as we save souls from Satan’s kingdom into the kingdom of light!¬†CLICK THIS LINK TO LISTEN:

Grab your bible and notebook and get ready to learn leadership principles from the word of God!

PRAYING LIKE SAMSON – Leadership lessons from Samson and his desperate prayer. A ten minute charge. (given at the GLC)

BEING DISCIPLED- Hinderances to discipling relationships and keys to effective discipling relationships. (given to my leadership d-group)

SEEKING AND SAVING THE LOST- keys to effective evangelism and bible study on the Parable of the Minas. (given to my leadership d-group)

GOD IS LOOKING FOR A MAN- God desires a man who will take a stand in this dark world. Hear the call of God! (Given to my leadership d-group)