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For the month of December, buy the ebook that is helping many find freedom from OCD for only $10! Click the “Buy Now” link in the upper left corner of this website. 


  1. chris cheng says:

    Hi Mike,

    I was really encouraged by your book. I have been struggling with intrusive thoughts for most of my life (I am 51 now). It wasn’t until about a year ago when a friend of mine mentioned the term ‘intrusive thoughts’ to me, I thought I was alone in this. It blew me away to realize (with the help of Google) that so many others shared the same struggle (even the same exact thoughts). The thoughts I’ve struggled with have been all over the map. They are basically centered on whatever I fear the most. I have been a follower of Jesus since college, and my struggles have been mainly blasphemous thoughts since then. There have been times when, like you, I thought I was headed to the psych ward.

    Since then I met another pastor who also struggled with OCD/intrusive thoughts and also wrote a book. With his help we formed a Facebook group (called Joshua 1) to support folks struggling with this. One of the folks in the group found out about your book and since then a few of us have bought it, and we are talking about going over it together as a group. Do you happen to have a workbook that goes along with the book that we can purchase? Or even if you have notes or worksheets from going over your book with other groups in the past, that would be helpful too.

    I thank God for all that He has opened my eyes to this past year. I thank Him for what He is doing through your book and your ministry. I pray that He can use all of us even more this year to reach out to others who are struggling with OCD/intrusive thoughts especially those who feel they are alone in this.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thank you Chris! I’m glad it has been a blessing to you and your group. My hope is to put out another addition of the book in print and eventually build upon it as I don’t think it could benefit a lot of ministries. I’m currently in the process of publishing an unrelated book (on campus ministry) and hope to come back and build upon this one since the response has been really good.

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