Appointed Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader in God’s Kingdom!

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Articles

My wife and I were very honored to be appointed Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader by Matt and Helen Sullivan on August 5th at this years Global Leadership Conference. We also received our bachelor’s degree (my second one) in ministry on August 4th being apart of the first graduating class of the ICCM (International College of Christian Ministry). Below are some pictures from this incredible milestone in our lives and a couple from us preaching.

3361_514397327377_1028683767_n 12962_10151691710805528_1603747703_n 21638_10100196906195662_1832504424_n 21641_10100197321513362_1776494123_n 547452_520737601417_279865783_n 551038_10153093278900274_2040295333_n 988287_10153093168855274_166395995_n 994311_10153093382925274_647443516_n 998451_10153093169215274_95912494_n 998767_10153093382875274_1968491437_n 999419_10153093169140274_1003765849_n 1005665_10200814267611368_541958846_n 1077243_931630922421_50318592_o 1077429_931630837591_17347592_o 1097977_10201210285355375_87842229_n 1098392_10153093168420274_1564677236_n 1098429_10100197321563262_355029541_n 1148737_10100197321852682_842352617_n 1148810_10201210292115544_192227172_n 1148914_10100197321463462_641026939_n 1150221_10153093260665274_1156596504_n 1150918_10153093168860274_785710154_n 1157582_10153093168845274_579369068_n

  1. brenda says:

    So elated for you to reach this goal in your life Mike. Love you both, mom (i did it you wouldn’t know this is your Mom.) HA!

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