Extraordinary Growth for Reality Ministries (OICC Campus Ministry) this Semester!

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Articles, Uncategorized

It was just a couple short months ago that we began the semester with around seven disciples in our campus ministry (not all were even enrolled in school) with a vision of having 12 baptisms for the semester (August through December) and a goal of ending the semester with 7 Real Talks (our version of “bible talks”). Today, God performed a miracle as we saw 3 students baptized into Christ putting us at 13 baptisms for the semester and tomorrow is the last day of the UCF semester! Truly we serve an amazing God and it is the fruit of new disciples that brings him glory (John 15:8). Equally exciting is that we ended the semester with 6 Real Talks: Volley Ball Real Talk on Monday Night, Dorm Real Talk on Thursday evening, Wednesday Afternoon Real Talk in the Student Union, Two Women’s Real Talks (one at UCF and one at Valencia Community College, and a Teen Real Talk on Saturdays. Special to me was the privilege to baptize a former youth minister (Middle Schoolers) and a “Timothy” to me this past Wednesday. Just a couple days after his baptism he lead the church in communion today! His name is Justin and he already dreams of leading a church in our movement one day and like Apollos was already very fervent about Jesus (Acts 18). Not only did he renounce his former church as teaching false doctrine, but broke up with his girlfriend (Airielle) of 3 and a half years who attended Florida Bible College studying Biblical Studies realizing she was not a true disciple. Airielle studied the Bible as well having the same convictions and today she was baptized into Christ. Even though she studies theology, she realized she had never known the truth. With 22 sold-out baptized disciples now in Reality Ministries (OICC Campus Ministry), God has begun a revolution on the campus’ of Orlando. Pray for us as we train our new Christians to teach others and mature. We have only seen 2 people leave the Lord this semester and are set on maturing the disciples to bear much fruit while keeping them faithful to Christ. Below are some pictures from our 4 new additions this past week! Glory be to God. Love you all.


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