DAY 4: Bible in a Year- Genesis 10 & 11

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Genesis 10 list the generations of the sons of Noah and is foundational in us understanding the world. Shem the second son of Noah was mentioned last in this table of nations perhaps because his seed was to be the important subject of the remainder of Genesis as well as the Old Testament. This line is the line of which the Messiah would come. Genesis 10 is parenthetical as an introduction to the story of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their offspring. Chronologically, this chapter should follow Genesis 11:9 but it is positioned here to complete the story of Noah’s 3 sons.


Genesis 10:25 shows the earth was divided at this time. This means that at one point the earth was one big continent! This matches what Genesis 1 shows us that God made the land one big mass with the waters surrounding it. TheBabelincident in chapter 11 would occur and following this scattering during the days of Peleg. The earth would be divided into continents and islands after various nations were scattered abroad on all the one land at the time of the God’s judgment (Gen. 11:1-9). Many wonder how Native American Indians arrived in theAmericas, but this passage helps us understand how they got here.


Chapter 11 literally is a day that would change the world. A commentary said “the term ‘mighty hunter”’ in Heb. could refer to a hunter of animals or of men to enslave them. Nimrod was a hunter of both men and animals.” The term mighty is also used of the giants and it is likely he was a Nephilim (see previous post). Tradition says he established the first great kingdom (that would becomeBabylon) and the first false religion that openly opposed God (thus “before the Lord”). Josephus (Roman/Jewish historian) wrote that Nimrod had the tower built to protect them from if God decided to flood the world again, he would be high enough. God would then come down to take action to counteract the rebellion of Nimrod.


Tradition and some history say the original language of man was Hebrew. The whole earth spoke one language. We see the power of unity in the fact that God said if they speak one language then nothing they imagine to do will be impossible for them.


AncientMesopotamiahad a structure called a ziggurat that dates to a time after the flood. Interestingly, these structures are seen all over other parts of the world! This is what is believed theTowerofBabellooked like and why similar structures were found all over that were similar.


I find it amazing that atheism didn’t really begin until recently. All religions practiced common things in ancient times such as tithing, animal sacrifice, etc. This is proof that there was one universal people at one time. God is awesome!


Man builds his tower, and God comes down to see it the bible says. This shows us how high God is compared to what we think is great.


Notice once again, God says, “let us…” This referred to the divine council of the Trinity. God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit worked in unity to make divine decisions and judgments.


The beginning of languages is at the heart of this text. God allows man certain freedoms as the tower was built, but he had to react and stop the building of the city as it was being built to glorify man.


  • Unity is a powerful tool. Consider Genesis 11:6. This unity was used for evil. How can you use unity for good? Are you completely united with your ministry, leadership, and with God?
  • At the heart ofBabelwas pride and rebellion. Man wanted to glorify himself. What towers are you building in your life that God wants to demolish?
  • Man is very powerful in skill, technology, imagination, etc. How are you going to use these abilities to glorify God and not yourself?

Mike Patterson

  1. Marley Depew says:

    The whole world was united with one language in Genesis 11:1, placing this before Genesis 10:5 and 18b. Genesis 10:5,20,31 all note that they had their own languages and nations. It was Noah’s grandkids that were scattered by God after the tower incedent.

    They were scattered because the ignored their version of the Great Commission. Noah was commanded to “Be fruitful and increace in number and fill the earth.” In their pride, they wanted to make a name for THEMSELVES, they wanted to exalt themselves.

    God restored their unity and they could understand eachother in Acts 2, then they went to all nations in like 30 years. Its not the unity that displeases God, but the disobedience.

    The tower builders thougth it would be pleasing to God that they were united and working together and doing something awesome for Him. I heared in the ancient world, people would build tall towers with offerings in the top of them. The idea was to make their gods curious as to what they were doing so they would to come down and find the offering for them. God did come down, but he was not pleased at their disobedience.

    -> Are you happy with the Church or your Bible Talk stagnating in your area? God wants to see you put your heart into it to grow it so it goes beyond your home town or campus. I think we may have grown by net 1 in Hilo or stayed the same in 2011, and the people we baptized in my Bible Talk all fell away. I dont think God wants us to get discouraged and number focused, but indignant so we put our heart into it.

    -> Are you focused on yourself and your friends, or The Mission? Are you too prideful to do it God’s way and spread the Word?

    -> would you rather serve God willingly, or make Him force you kicking and screaming? He sent the people where he wanted them to go, but He wasn’t happy with them.

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