The Final

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Bible Talks

Use this Bible Talk (Real Talk) on campus or in a home to inspire visitors to study the Bible. This is good for religious visitors especially but also for all types of people.

The Final

Opening Question: What is your name and how do you picture the final judgment?

As we get ready for that big test or finals week what type of feelings do we have? (fear, anxiety, stress, etc.)

Why do we have these type of feelings? (test determine whether we will graduate or not in the long run)

When do you ever feel great about a test? (When you know the information or the test is going to be easy)

Many people will spend hours, tuition money, and energy into studying for a test to get a degree, but are you ready for The Final…judgment day!

Revelation 20:11-15There are 2 things everyone in this room has in common, everyone will die at some point and secondly, everyone will face God for judgment.

Do most people think about Judgment Day? Why or why not?

What is opened before God? (many books)

I want to talk today about 3 books today:

The Book of Life


If your name isn’t written in the book of life what are the consequences? (Lake of Fire/Hell)

From this verse, what determines whether are name is written in the book of life or not? (deeds)

That is interesting that it doesn’t say faith, grace, or how much you prayed but by your deeds!

The Book of Deeds


If The Book of Life shows who is saved, what do the other books contain? (your life deeds!)

PAINT PICTURE: Imagine if a TV was in this room and began to play all your deeds good and bad in front of this whole group how would you feel?

The Bible teaches that Jesus will judge us based on how we lived.

Do you think it is fair that Jesus judges us based on our deeds? (discuss)

What does “Christendom” today teach determines whether we make it to heaven or not? (nothing since they teach we aren’t saved by works)

Ephesians 2:8-10

Wait…if we are not saved by works, how come we are judged by our deeds/works? (have fun discussion)

All scripture has context…read on v.11-13

So what works is this verse referring to? (works of the Old Testament law, ie. circumcision etc.)

Now we know for a fact that the deeds Jesus will judge us on aren’t Old Testament law deeds such as sacrificing animals or whether you are circumcised or not, so what deeds are they? (Commands in the new testament, Jesus’ teachings, etc.)

What does the bible say we are saved through? (faith)

James 2:14-19, 24


What do deeds reflect? (Faith!)

Are demons saved? (No) Why not they have a “faith” in God? (they don’t have the deeds meaning it isn’t a true faith)

Why do so many “Christians” today teach we are saved by faith alone and it that are deeds don’t count for anything you think when the Bible is so clear they do count? (easier path, misunderstanding of what grace is, demons influence others to have their type of “faith”, etc.)

The Book


We know deeds are now necessary for a saving faith, but how would we know what deeds Jesus is looking for? (The Bible)

You see, we may not have the Book of Life or the Book of Deeds here on earth since God has those in heaven, but we do have The Book…The Bible and it is the standard that is going to be used in our judgment.

John 12:48- Jesus will use His word to judge us. (SHARE EXAMPLE: Imagine your professor is going to give you a pass/fail exam and it is dependent on whether you study the text book or not. The Bible is our text book for The Final Exam/Judgment yet unlike a text book it must not only be studied but lived out.)

What are some ways students get ready for a final exam? (study, get tutoring, have a professor, study groups, discipline, consistent repetition, etc.)

Using those same principles, what would it look like to study to get ready for Judgment Day? (study the Bible, get someone who knows the Bible to teach you it, be disciplined in studying and reading it, etc.)

CHALLENGE: Study the Bible today with the person who brought you in order to pass The Final!

  1. Mike foley says:

    That was so awesome to hear and see the truth preached witout watering down what jesus and the bible really say. Great bibletalk I’m going to use some of this, if that’s ok.

  2. Brittany Odle says:

    Awesome ill read these different sermons later.

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