Behind Enemy Lines

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Sermons

What is the story behind Satan’s fall? What are demons really? How can we overcome the spiritual forces that war against us? This sermon uses clues from the Bible to piece together the history of our enemy as well as equip disciples to battle Satan in the spiritual war!

  1. Henry Novellas says:

    Wow Mike, wow! Thus so! You just told me so much. And you are right, it is 24 hours! I was wrong. 😦 Oh well, I guess I needed something lame to get pasts the facts. Anyway, the point is your work is the real heavy metal. Congrats on all your work well done!

    Bookmarked! Heading over to your donate page, per Chenele.

    Anyway, I hope there are days to come. I’m so sad now.


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