School of Discipleship- Session 1 – “Introduction: Imitation and Maturity”

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Discipleship Course


  • This course should be rigorous and done every 3-4 days with your d-group.
  • The notes here are designed as if I am teaching the class to my discipleship group and must be applied to your situation.
  • Have everyone share how they did spiritually this past semester and how effective they think their leadership was.
  • Take 20 minutes to take this General Knowledge Bible Test (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE BIBLE TEST). This test should be easily passed if one has a general knowledge of the bible and will give you a good idea where your group is at.
  • The links and attachments are crucial to the course and the material referenced at the end of each attachment.

What will it take to be discipled by me?

  1. Imitation (John 3:22-23, John 4:1)
  • John the Baptist (name means “baptizer”) was effective at baptizing yet his ministry was limited.
  • Jesus baptized as well but taught his guys how to baptize so eventually the religious authorities of the day noticed Jesus’ ministry multiplied faster because now it wasn’t Jesus baptizing but his disciples. Jesus built a multiplying ministry.
  • This came because Jesus’ disciples imitated what Jesus did. The leader must live out the example and his disciples must imitate it.
  • Imitation = Multiplication
  • 1 Corinthians 4:14-17 – Paul was confident that imitation was the key to fix any problem in the church. Timothy was an exact representation of Paul because Timothy could do what Paul could do.
  • I need to be confident that I can send you guys into any situation and you can do what I could do.
  • 1 Corinthians 11:1- Follow the Christ like qualities in me.
  • Must throw away any pride to be able to imitate. (your way of doing things must be gone)
  • IMITATE MY: Bible knowledge, speech, disciple making, diligence in accountability, passion, zeal, dress at church events, etc.
  • Jesus had 12 disciples that became just like him, willing to die for the cause. Those 12 put that heart into the 72 (Luke 10). Those disciples put that heart into the 120 (Acts 1), those 120 put that heart into the 3000 (Acts 2), until we see the first Christian martyr Stephen died for the cause being just like Christ!
  • 2 Samuel 23:8-23
  • Mighty men do mighty acts of faith.
  • Loyalty to the point of death in this group is an expectation.
  • David believed leaders must earn the right to lead.
  • Jesus taught the same concept in the parable of the minas (Luke 19:11-27)
  • Notice the ones that reproduced their minas (ie. salvation) earned more cities to lead.
  • Have you been fruitful? Built a Real Talk? Earned the right to lead?

2. Maturity (Hebrews 5:11-6:3, 7-8)

  • Maturity is being a teacher of the first principles and bearing fruit (producing a crop of disciples!).
  • First principles is just milk (can you teach about the Holy Spirit, laying on of hands, the resurrection, and eternal judgment? These are part of the first principles of Christianity as well).
  • Each study must bring someone to a core conviction and decision:
  • Maturity comes by “constant use”. Self training is key. It isn’t just being taught in a “d-time” or sermon, but you must imitate my walk and how I deal with others non-Christians and Christians.

DISCUSS and DISCIPLE ONE-ANOTHER on how much they have imitated. See how principles have applied or not been applied in your ministry situation.


  1. Begin New Testament reading plan and memorize books of the Bible in order by next meeting. (NEW TESTAMENT IN 30 DAYS)
  2. Listen to Kip teach the Discipleship study online and memorize the study. (Click here)
  3. Read carefully the “Existence of God” study attached and you will be quizzed over this study and must be able to reproduce the diagram with a point for each triangle.  (The Existence of God)
  4. There will be a test over the above three homework assignments next session.
  1. Viral Seth says:

    This is incredible bro. I will follow this outline to train brothers in my Bibletalk

  2. vladimir says:

    Hey Mike names is lad fromth NYC churc, been coming to this website for a while now. Really appreciate this site bro. Quick question, im curious as to what you put as an answer for part 7 question 5 ( the true and false) and also part 2 question 1.

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