“The Truth” LIFE/Bible Talk

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Bible Talks

Ice Breaker: Pass around your bible and have everyone introduce themselves and guess how many inches the length of the bible is.

Q: How come everyone gave different measurements? (everyone has different perspectives)

Q: How would we find out the right measurement? (use a ruler)

– Pull out ruler and measure it and give candy to the person who was the closest.

READ: John 18:37-38 – WHAT IS TRUTH?

Q:What does everyone on the side of truth do? (Listen to Jesus)

Q: What are different ideas of truth today? (science, religion, experience, feelings, etc.)

Q: Is there an absolute truth in this world? (If they say there is no absolute truth, that statement itself is an absolute truth. Share how life shows us there is, math for example 1 + 1 always = 2.)

Q: What do people base truth off of? (family, tradition, religion, etc.).

– Let’s see what Jesus based truth off of.

John 8:31-32

Q: Did the Jews believe? (Yes)

Q: Just because they believed, did that mean they knew the truth? (No)

Q: How does one find out the truth? (they must hold to the teachings of Jesus)

Q: Where do we find Jesus’ teachings? (The Bible)

John 17:17 – Q: What is truth here? (Jesus word- once again the bible)

Q: What are today’s thoughts on the Bible?

Q: Is the worlds current views of truth we discussed earlier working or making things worse?

– The Bible is the truth. It is composed of 66 books, written by 40 different authors, on three different continents, over a time period of 1500 years and yet it tells one story with no contradictions!

Q: How did we find out the truth of the length of this bible at the beginning of the Life Talk? (measured it with a ruler)

Q: How do we find out if we are right with God? (measure ourselves with the ‘ruler’ the word of God!

CHALLENGE: Listen to Jesus, be on the side of truth and study the Bible to see how you measure before God.

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