Posted: November 25, 2011 in Bible Talks

ICE BREAKER: Share your name and something new you tried before?  

Introduction: We are going to look at a passage about a man who was seeking for God and how he found him.

Acts 8:26-39

Q: How was God at work to help this Ethiopian Eunuch get a relationship with Him? (angels, the Spirit, another man was involved)

(detour to Acts 17:26-27- Explain)

Q: Why does God put us in the place we are at in life? (To seek him)

Q: Now why does it say perhaps? (We have the free choice whether to seek Him or not, Not everyone will seek God).

I. Open your eyes

Do you see how God is at work in your life? Do you make the most of every opportunity? We need to open our eyes to see how God is trying to get us to seek Him, and if we have a relationship with Him, how he is putting people in our lives to share with!

Q: What things stop us from seeing God at work in our lives?

Q: After God works through the spiritual forces to bring a Christian into this guys life, what is the next step that happens in vs. 30-31 that lead to this mans relationship with God?

II. Open your mouth

There must be a discussion about the Bible. You have to open your mouth and express where you are really at! He expressed he did not understand the scriptures.

Q: Why might we keep our mouths closed? (pride, etc.)

Q: What kind of man was this? (treasure of the queen! Important man)

Q: How would you describe his character? (humble, learner)

He didn’t just think he could find God on his own, he saw his need to have another man explain the scriptures to him. How about you? Do you have a mentor?

III. Open your schedule (v31)

Q: Why is it so important that we make time for God? (judgment, death)

This man wanted to be sure he was right with God.

Q: Look at v27, wouldn’t you think he has a relationship with God? (just because you worship, or do great acts for God doesn’t mean your right)

Q: Why was he not totally right with God even though he was traveling so far? (he did not have the proper understanding )

Q: What was the standard that was used to explain to him how to find God? (The scriptures!)

Have you opened up your schedule to make time for God? I challenge you to get with the person who invited you out and study the Bible.

IV. Open your Bible

They then open their Bibles! (Hebrews 4:12-14)

V. Open your heart (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

Q: What kind of plan does God have for us?

Q: How do we seek God? (scriptures, prayer, and with your whole heart)

You have to open your heart! The eunuch opened his heart to the message and believed it!

Q: How did the eunuch leave? (rejoicing! True happiness comes from a relationship with God)

Challenge: Seek God! Open your eyes, mouth, schedule, bible, and heart and study the Bible with the person who brought you. 

  1. abayomi bello says:

    Great job bro,i believe this will help a lot of people who truly love and want to seek’s also very good for bible talk leaders and disciples too,thanks for setting this up:

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